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20 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Totally Changed DC Movies

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We live in a world where it feels like a new comic book movie comes out every day. That’s a far cry from 1978, when one superhero movie, Superman: THE Movie, redefined everything we thought was possible for a film about a man in tights. Now, we can’t imagine a world without a Superman movie. Yet, we can imagine a world with entirely different styled movies about our favorite DC comics characters. And we almost got them, had the powers that be left some select deleted scenes into the final cuts of some of the newer and older filmed installments of DC heroes. Join ScreenRant as we travel from the DCEU to films of the past, chronicling the deleted that would have totally changed our perception of some of the most popular and most controversial DC movies out there.

There’s scenes about the Joker’s backstory, the Joker’s interactions with the Enchantress, Harley Quinn’s bat. We’ll go into Lois Lane sequences missing from Batman V. Superman as well as Superman’s investigation into Batman, Luthor’s deeper connection to Steppenwolf, and the darker side of the Man of Steel that we didn’t get to see. Plus, there’ll be a visit from Darkseid, a Cyborg flashback, a check in with the Green Lantern Corps, a Flash-induced cameo and some special boxes brought to us by Wonder Woman. Also, we’ll take a jaunt down memory lane, exploring some scenes from Batman and Superman films of the pre-DCEU era. It’s a smorgasbord of superpowered content that shows us what might have been, and it’s all here on ScreenRant.


Entry 1 - Suicide Squad - The Joker
Entry 2 - Batman V. Superman - Lois Lane
Entry 3 - Suicide Squad - The Enchantress And The Joker
Entry 4 - The Dark Knight Rises - Bane's Backstory
Entry 5 - Superman Returns - The Krypton Visit
Entry 6 - Batman V. Superman - Luthor And Steppenwolf
Entry 7 - Batman Forever - Batman's Memory Problem
Entry 8 - Justice League - Cyborg And His Mother
Entry 9 - Batman V. Superman - Superman Researches The Bat
Entry 10 - The Dark Knight - Bye, Bye Foley
Entry 11 - Justice League - Green Lantern
Entry 12 - Batman Returns - The Toy's Secret
Entry 13 - Batman V. Superman - Angry Supes
Entry 14 - Wonder Woman - Mother Boxes
Entry 15 - Superman II - Zod's Extended Fortress Entrance
Entry 16 - Suicide Squad - Harley's Bat
Entry 17 - Superman IV - Superman Goes Home
Entry 18 - Justice League - Barry And Iris
Entry 19 - Superman IV - Superman's Sick Day
Entry 20 - Justice League - Darkseid

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