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Astounding (previously unpublished) Historical Film Footage from Palestine 1932 (now Israel)

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Video Description: This film was made by Christadelphian Brother Harry Hay (Newark) in 1932.

It is entitled ‘A Holiday In Israel in 1932.’

We are making it available as it we feel it could be of interest to those who have been fortunate to visit Israel (and even those who haven’t) to appreciate the changes that have taken place since filming and as a witness to the accuracy of the Word of God concerning his chosen people.

Bro Harry Hay was Baptised in Birmingham in 1915 and belonged to Birmingham Central and then Small Heath ecclesia’s. He transferred to Newark ecclesia in 1941 and was a member there until his death in September 1988 aged 91.

Bro Harry made this black and white film of his holiday in Israel in 1932… 86 years ago, early days of home movies and well before the state of Israel was declared by David Ben Gurion on  May 14, 1948.

For most of these 85 years, the film was stored in a box.

Harry’s son, John inherited the box along with the other of his father's possessions and it was taken to Scotland when John and his wife Yvonne moved there.

About 6 years ago John had the film converted to DVD.

Shortly after it was made into a DVD John and his wife Yvonne were walking along a street in Edinburgh when they were stopped by a passing motorist.The Lady motorist who stopped them was a little agitated as she did not know her way around Edinburgh and was due to give a lecture in a public building, but had become lost.

John and Yvonne suggested they go with her in her car and guide her to her destination.She accepted their offer and as they chatted she mentioned she was from Jerusalem.John and Yvonne then mentioned their recently converted film from 1932 and she was very interested, as she was a Historian. She gave them her address and dashed off to give her lecture.

John sent her a copy of the DVD and she was delighted with it and with John’s permission it is now officially archived in Jerusalem as a record of social and historical interest.

Concerning the film itself, you will hear Bro Harry’s own commentary of events, and peppered throughout the film are short Bible verses which he felt were relevant.

It seems obvious to us that Bro Harry’s intent was to produce a work that would be a witness to the existence of the God of Israel.
It is evident from the fist still image that the visit took place around Easter time of 1932. Further evidence of this is that the visit coincided with the 1st Maccabiah games which opened on 28th March of that year in Tel Aviv. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maccabiah_Games

Despite its age, the film is in excellent condition as is the audio.
At around 7min you will notice a map appears on screen and the map’s name is ‘EREZ ISRAEL’.

It is highly likely that this map was added to the video sometime after the film was made as maps of 1932 invariably had the title Palestine.
Places visited.
1: 3.14 - Malta - Melita (Acts 28)
2: 4.53 - Suez Canel
3: 5.10 - Goshen
4: 5.19 - Ben-Ha
5: 5.56 - Great Pyramid
6: 6.37 - Cairo
7: 6.52 - Palestine
8: 7.03 - Tel Aviv (Jaffa)
9: 7.38 - Nahalal
10: 8.54 - The 1st world Maccabiah (Jewish Olympics)
11: 18.59 - Visit to 3 settlements, 19.09 - Gan Hasharon,/ 20.11 -Tel Mond, / 20.52 – Kalmania.
12: 22.48 - Petach Tikvah ( founded 1878)
13: 23.48 - Packing Oranges
14: 24.52 – Plain of Sharon
15: 25.38 – ‘ Mikveh Israel’ Agricultural School for Boys
16: 26.44 – A Eucalyptus Grove has replaced a swamp
17: 27.11 – In and around JERUSALEM
18: 29.15 - Bethlehem
19: 30.12 – Jericho
20: 30.55 – Dead Sea
21: 31.25 – Mount of Olives
22: 32.02 – Gethsemane
23: 32.26 – Galilee to Haifa
24: 32.37 – Nablus (Shechem), 32.50 – Dothan,
25: 33.45 - Tiberias
26: 34.05 – Galilee
27: 34.31 – Dagania
28: 35.06 – Rutenberg Power station (Ashkelon)
29: 36.26 – Beth Shan
30: 36.52 – Ain Harod
30: 37.55 – Nahalal
31: 38.54 – Haifa (Viewed from Mount Carmel)
32: 40.27 – Dedication to the God Of Israel

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