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Biggest Film Pet Peeves, Movie Marathons, Mr. Mom, Fantasy Island, Rookie of the Year & Apple

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On the October 11 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film Weekend Editor Brad Oman and Senior Writer Ben Pearson to talk about the latest film and tv news, including Mr. Mom, Fantasy Island, Rookie of the Year and Apple. And in the Mailbag we’ll answer some listener e-mails.
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In The News:
Brad: ‘Mr. Mom’ TV Series Coming from MGM and Vudu
Ben: Dave Bautista May Head To ‘Fantasy Island’, Which is Described as “Westworld Meets The Cabin in the Woods”
Brad: ‘Rookie of the Year’ Remake in the Works at 20th Century Fox
Brad: Apple Original Shows Will Be Free for Those with Apple Devices
In The Mail Bag:
Peter asked if listeners had nostalgia or love for the Chronicles of Narnia movie, and a few people responded”Nikita from Ukraine says “I'm 27 years old, and Chronicles of Narnia is my first book(s), so you can say that I have some nostalgia.   However, the main reason I decided to write is to state that Narnia is very different from Lord of The Rings. It presents a fun mix between Greek and Christian mythologies while LotR stays mainly in Scandinavian and German mythos.   The reason why they are so often conflated is because of the new horseshit movies like Prince Caspian or Voyage of the Dawn Treader that randomly decided to have very Tolkien-esque look with walking trees and whatnot, and completely forgotten what made C.S.Lewis's world unique.  I hope that Netflix gives the books justice and we finally get "The Last Battle".”
Leanne R., LA says “Just wanted to give a bit of love to the Chronicles of Narnia series. I wouldn't call myself a hard-core follower of the Narnia film franchise, but growing up my paternal family was extremely Christian and CS Lewis was one of the few approved fantasy authors I could read, so I owned all the Narnia books as a child (Harry Potter was frowned upon, so naturally I read all those books too). I also have distinct memories of going to Blockbuster and seeing DVDs of the 90s BBC adaptation of the Narnia series that covered almost all of the books and really fueled my desire to see an adaptation on the big-screen. While the 2005-2010 franchise only spanned 3/7 books and didn't really garner as much success as other Children's Fantasy films (read: HARRY POTTER), I think it at least proved that the hardcore Christian audiences would show up for it, so I'm excited to see if Netflix does justice to Lewis's work as well as lives up to the the fantasy elements in the film franchise adaptation.   My only caveat is, as this was originally produced by Buena Vista/Disney, would that maybe conflict with how Netflix produces their version? And most importantly, could they afford to have Liam Neeson reprise his role as Aslan??  Anyhow, I hope this brought some added insight to the question of whether any Narnia fans exist out there. Thanks again for an informative pod, keep up the good work!”
Andrew S says “Big fan of the podcast. You asked on the most recent episode if there are people excited about the Narnia Netflix news. I will raise my hand on that ????????‍♂️  As someone who grew up in Christian conservative culture in the south, Narnia was a pretty big deal at my house. Years later (I’m 28), there’s a lot of things about my upbringing that I don’t love anymore, but Narnia is one that still has a special place in my heart. I also do not love the movies, but grew up around the books, and have hope that Netflix can make something better out of the source material.   Furthermore! I think there are probably a lot of people in my same situation who are excited for this. Presumably, this will be family friendly, but even beyond that, the Christian elements of it will probably play well to Southerners and the Christian crowd in a way that Game of Thrones never has. I saw several excited reactions among my Facebook friends, for what that’s worth.  Thanks and keep up the good work!”
Jeremy writes in “This feels strange because I’ve never before reached out to the producer of one of the dozen-or-so podcasts I listen to, but I felt compelled to let you know my opinions on Netflix acquiring the rights to the Chronicles of Narnia, which you mentioned in your October 3rd edition of the /Film podcast. So remember, you’re the lucky one here.  Anywho, I have a deep fondness for the Chronicles of Narnia. I have nostalgia-tinged memories of reading them when I was younger, and having my dad read them to me and my siblings before bed. I love the world that C.S. Lewis created, and I love the story arc he painted. I enjoyed the movies that came out several years back, but recognize that they had clear problems and were not “good” movies— they seemed to be aiming for a younger audience and

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