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Der Samurai (German Horror Movie, Thriller, English Subs, Free Fantasy Film)full horror movies

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Der Samurai (2014): Thriller Movie, Independent Horror, German Movie with English Subtitles, Fantasy Movie, Full Length, Thriller, Drama, Free Horror Movie.

Director: Till Kleinert
Writer: Till Kleinert (screenplay)
Stars: Michel Diercks, Pit Bukowski, Uwe Preuss
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: 30 October 2014 (Germany)
Also Known As: The Samurai
Filming Locations: Bernöwe, Brandenburg, Germany
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

A wolf strives through the woods around an isolated German village. Jakob the young local police officer is onto him, but scents something more in the darkness. What he finds is a man, it seems, wild eyed, of wiry build, in a dress. He carries a katana, a Samurai sword. When the Samurai invites Jakob to follow him on his crusade towards the village, it becomes Jakob's mission to pursue the lunatic to end this wanton destruction. At the end of the night Jakob has experienced too much, is too far from whom he once was. Something hidden has been unleashed to meet the first rays of daylight.

User Reviews (IMDb.com):

"I saw this film at the Imagine (sf/horror/fantasy) filmfestival Amsterdam 2014. The title may attract the wrong audience, but that is the only problem I have with this movie. It focuses on the Samurai sword that is carried all the time by the transvestite, who is the primary trigger of all events following. He and local policeman Jakob are the obvious main characters that carry the story from start to finish. But the sword is far from the lead weapon, due to very prominent roles of confusion, surprise and deviant behavior to augment the proceedings. The latter three story elements make it difficult to tell much about the story, fearing literally spoiling all the inherent fun of this movie.

Nice are some interwoven plots. A perfect example is the motor g*ng, seemingly appearing in the beginning as a side issue. This group unexpectedly gets an important role later on, when grouping around the transvestite in an obvious attempt to mock him. Little do they know what disaster is before them. There is a second interwoven plot around Jakob's mother, but I better confine myself to hinting that it is useful to keep an eye on her too.

All in all, very good entertainment full of unexpected events, perfectly capable to keep our attention throughout. In the Q&A we learned that it is "just" a master thesis project, still more reason to admire the end result. This film ended 23rd (out of 43) for the audience award, with average score 7.20." Written by JvH48

"The samurai of the title is a wild fellow, actor Pit Bukowski, who manages some odd jumps and even a nude scene complete with an er*ction, all with a maniacal smile on his face. It's not the kind of performance that is easy to watch or forget. The only American actors I can think of who have even approached this kind of crazed portrayal are the late Heath Ledger and the ubiquitous Woody Harrelson. Pit outdoes them both.

The Samurai is on a killing spree threatened by a local cop, Jakob, well played by Michel Diercks. There is a sort of half-baked subplot with a wolf that doesn't really gel, but the main thrust of this movie is the story of a small town German cop having to deal with a man dressed as a woman, wielding a sword. I have no idea what transvestites will think of all this, they may like it, I don't know, but I think the two leads and the director, Till Klienert, have an impressive future in front of them.

This movie would make a great one to show to adult friends prepared for some fairly campy horror and gore. It's definitely not for kids or for anyone not prepared for the short segment with male nudity near the end." Written by socrates99


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