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Finally! AVATAR 2. Avatar II. Full Movie. Return To Pandora. Most Amazing Fan Film Ever Made

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Humans, they just cannot stay in one place, can they? Especially form the beautiful place like Pandora. Once kicked out of Pandora by Navi, they have returned. But not exactly for sightseeing. They have depleted our mother Earth resources and rich Pandora resources attracting mankind from the depth of space. Yes, Pandora natural riches and minerals have properties that someone would call magic nowadays. But it's all disguised physics and science. However, this time humans came not for shiny and flying things, they came for something much more valuable than Pandora has to offer. It's DNA genetic material.
Remembering the last mistake of the costly conflict with Navi. They build giant base on the northern side of fifth moon of the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system.
Of course natives were not too happy but natives are not that numerous in that region and they were easily overwhelmed and overpowered by invading human space army. From this base humans build long tunnels and bridges to lush part of the moon. All this effort was more than just paying off. Pandora animals on earth were worth millions of dollars. And humans did not have to transport entire animals - all they had to do is to exact and transport their eggs to be cloned on Earth. Let's see what top 20 Pandora animals are worth on earth:
1. Pandora Mushrooms Worth $50K Each On Earth
2. Floaters Worth 100K On Earth
3. Carnivorous Pants - $200K
4. Mountain Banshee Skull Worth $1 Million
5. Walking Spikes - $1.5 Million
6. Centipede - $2 Million
7. Giant Toads - $3 Million
8. Pandora Fishes - $4 Million
9. Pandora Giant Spiders - $5 Million
10. Gaya Floaters - $8 Million
11. Pandora Giant Insects - $10 Million
12. Ultra Violet Land Octopus - $20 Million
13. Baby of Giant Scorpion - $50 Million
14. Direhorse - $100 Million
15. Thanator - $200 Million
16. Pandora Gibbon - $500 Million
17. Baby Luminous Forever Living Gator - $1 Billion
18. Titanothere Baby- $2 Billion
19. Mantis - $5 Billion
20. Navi - $10 Billion
In time humans begin to take Navi eggs to bring their species to earth as well. However, humans forgot one important thing. Everything on Pandora and everywhere is connected by Gaya. And once you start to remove thing you shall tip the delicate scales of natural balance. And once again the entire moon rebelled against the oppressors. Now witness the beauty and the dark side of this enigmatic moon in this incredible film created for you by Igor Kryan.

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