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Foxy and the Weight of the World | Comedy Short Film | Omeleto

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A despicable young man, at the end of his life, espouses his bleak and bitter world view to his only friend -- his dog.
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Foxy and the Weight of the World is used with permission from David and Nathan Zellner. Learn more at http://omele.to/2CWTMxs.

A misanthropic young man named Hamish has reached the end of his short, miserable life. Faced with his mortality, he unloads his bleak, bitter last thoughts to his only friend -- his dog Foxy.

Writer-director team David and Nathan Zellner -- who are also brothers -- have created a compact comedy short that is economical, both in story and in execution. Essentially just a few camera set-ups and an actor essentially delivering a monologue to one very patient dog, the film highlights the writing and performance of both human and canine performers.

The writing is beat-perfect, traveling through notes of both maudlin regret and defiant miserabilism, as Hamish both tells Foxy to turn on her inevitable new master (because "humans are a despicable lot") and regrets spaying her so much that she'll never know what it's like "to be a mommy."

Hamish vacillates between trying to find connection and meaning in his death and embracing its nihilism, and the fact that he can't quite choose is actually the source of the film's sense of comedy.

The grand, exaggerated score and stentorian voiceover also add elements of comedy, spinning Hamish's end as pathetic and lonely. But the real scene stealer is, of course, Foxy herself, who strikes notes of both genuine concern and deadpan boredom in her performance. "Foxy and the Weight of the World" in the end is really about her -- and about how man's best friend will truly be there to the very end, no matter how terrible of a human being you are.

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Foxy and the Weight of the World | Comedy Short Film | Omeleto


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