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Here's Why Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern Was A Revolutionary Superhero Movie (Seriously)

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Believe it or not, Green Lantern paved the way for box office hits like Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

With “Captain Marvel” set for release very soon, we turn our attention to another green-suited intergalactic warrior: the fan-favorite Green Lantern and his unfortunate solo film. The much-maligned Ryan Reynolds' vehicle, “Green Lantern” (2011) was a generic superhero misadventure that bombed hard at the box office . It also set back plans at Warner Bros. to set up their own expanded universe – the DCEU – to rival Marvel's cinematic juggernaut, an exponentially expanding franchise that re-wrote the book on how to adapt comics for the big screen. But maybe, just maybe “Green Lantern” contributed something special to the genre apart from a “how not to make a superhero flick” checklist. Before Reynold's donned the “Deadpool” costume, he put on one that was “animated” and “green” and universal criticized by fans and critics alike. But consider for a moment the following: that this suit completely changed how we watch superhero movies. And how we dress them! Prior to “Green Lantern” a superhero costume had to be real but since his inauspicious, big-screen debut... well, anything was possible. In this video we're not only to going to trace the history of the super outfit leading up to the fateful decision to dress Reynolds up in digital threads. We're going to show you why the “Green Lantern” costume was revolutionary! And we promise, this isn't some revisionist clickbait video. We have some very good reasons why this lackluster flick offered a window into the future of – not only the MCU – but the big bad world of badass superhero movies!

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