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How Steven Won Against the Diamond Authority - Steven Universe Theory

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The latest Steven Universe episode, Change Your Mind, introduced a lot of mind-bending concepts. It also blew a lot of speculation out of the water by delivering to us precisely the most extreme scenarios. To our delight, it even answered the question of: what would happen to Steven if his gem was taken out of him?

As we know, the actual gemstone is very much tied to Homeworld's concept of identity, and it is the most important thing about each individual. But unlike with full gems, this is not the entirety of what Steven is, meaning he is the only one who was able to change White Diamond's mind and fix this problem that has lasted millennia. Check out the full deep dive into how homeworld views the "self" to see exactly how this all happened!

Check out the written version of this post on Poet's blog: https://poetofthepiano.tumblr.com/post/182397297866/the-diamonds-and-the-self

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*At one point I say Steven's weakness would be White Diamond, but I meant Yellow.

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