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Inn of the Damned (Western Movie, Thriller, Horror, English, Cowboy Feature Film) youtube movies

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Inn of the Damned (1975), Crime, Horror, Thriller, Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English, Horror-Western, Classic Movie, American Hollywood Film, Scary Movie, Buong Pelikula, Draavni, Film Seram.

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A sheriff investigates why the guests at a local hostelry check in, but never check out. In 1896, a crazed woman and her husband run an inn in eastern Victoria and take revenge for the deaths of their children years before. A bounty hunter arrives to investigate the mysterious deaths of many people and puts an end to the killing.

Runtime 1h 58min
Director: Terry Bourke
Writer: Terry Bourke
Stars: Judith Anderson, Alex Cord, Michael Craig

Inn of the Damned is a 1975 Australian western horror film, directed by Terry Bourke.

This Aussie/Western variation on the Psycho formula is set in the tiny Outback town of Gippsland in the 1890s, where travelers visiting a remote inn are being bumped off by a mysterious interloper. After a perfectly dreary hour or so, wily lawman Alex Cord solves the mystery that somehow managed to befuddle the rest of the cast -- it seems crackpot innkeeper Dame Judith Anderson and her husband have never quite recovered from the trauma of seeing their children killed by escaped convicts who once invaded their home, and they have been busily hacking up their guests ever since. The setting provides for some pleasant location photography and gives the film a unique look and feel, but the story is completely bogged down by dull pacing and lackluster performances -- except for Anderson, who is always a treat to watch, even when she's given little to work with. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Europe (English title) (video title) Death Hunter
Norway Death Hunter - de fordømtes verthus
Australia (alternative title) House of the Western Dead
Finland Kauhujen majatalo
Italy (informal literal title) La taverna dei dannati
Soviet Union (Russian title) Отель проклятых

REVIEW (© Boris Lugosi 2004):

Generally, my approach on this website, when reviewing movies, is to enjoy them and write about them in a positive way. After all, I have no experience in making a movie so really, who am I to badmouth and criticize? In addition, hailing from Australia, I feel duty-bound to dig up weird Australian movies, and bring them into the light again for all to see. Unfortunately, this one was a vast disappointment in all respects.

Director Terry Bourke has tried to create a sort of gothic, Australian-set historical horror-thriller, but dilutes the film with so many weakly-mounted threads that the whole piece falls apart in the end. I'll run through the plot so at least you'll know what's going on. It's the late 1880's in rural Victoria, Australia. A Merchant and his ho*oker girlfriend are taken in their travels by a slimy coachman, to a remote Inn in a dark forest. Well, given the camerawork, most of the movie seems dark, I must say.

Soon enough, after being greeted by the elderly German Innkeepers, Caroline and Lazar Straulle (Judith Anderson and Joseph Furst, respectively) the "couple" are murdered and robbed of their belongings. We find out later that the main weapon of this lethal pair is a giant weight which is lowered on people in their beds, but it's so ineptly filmed it just looks like a curtain coming down on them. The "coachman" is actually their accomplice, Biscayne (Robert Quilter) a convict on the run from the police and bounty hunters.

As Biscayne is now attracting police, the deadly old couple must mu*rder a Constable (Tony Bonner) who stays with them overnight. He's done in by the frightening method of poisoning him offscreen. Mmmm, Scary. We find out what caused their madness in one of those cliched "shimmery" flashbacks. An insane convict abducted and mu*rdered their two children, a boy and a girl. This sent them over the edge, and now they m*urder anyone who enters the premises. An American Bounty Hunter Kincaid (Alex Cord) - obviously inserted to attact the American audience, is part of the team pursuing Biscayne. After we're treated to him eating fruit off a na*ked ho*oker's stomach, he finally shoots the convict dead after a ludicrously protacted and histrionic scene. Most of this whole convict-pursuit plotline, featuring a drunken character played by seminal Australian actor John Meillon, is clearly intended to pad the movie out to a full running length.

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