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SCARY MOVIE 6 Teaser Trailer Concept - Anna Faris, Regina Hall

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PLEASE READ: Here's my FAN MADE trailer concept for another sequel to the hit horror spoof series Scary Movie. Featuring parodies of recent horror hits like IT, Get Out, and Stranger Things. I used footage from sources such as SNL and other parodies/movies to bring the concept to life. Featuring Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Marlon Wayans, Kate McKinnon, and Drake.

Scary Movie remains as one of the only modern parodies that includes actual well-thought-out jokes, wit, quality social satire, narrative consistency, and quotable humor. The most recent film, Scary Movie 5, was an absolute disaster and was by far the worst in the franchise (the series has had some somewhat weak entires but they still at least have some wit and smart humor).

I swear SM5 was written by 9-year-olds, and due to the fact that 60% of the film was reshot just a few weeks before the film was released, it was even more of a mess than you can imagine. Between that film and all of the rip-offs of Scary Movie (Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Date Movie, etc.), the parody genre is absolutely dead. At least in film (it's alive and well online and on sketch shows). It used to be a popular subgenre that everybody enjoyed watching because it would smartly poke fun of movies people loved. Now parody movies are known as a cheap, lazy, unfunny gimmicks that exist to capitalize on popular movies and on pop culture in general.They're basically low budget, shot-for-shot remakes of the films they're spoofing, but with a lot less craftsmanship and a lot more fart "jokes". And random celebrities/characters showing up just for the sake of being recognizable.

Just because parodies are meant to be fun and silly doesn't mean they should be lazy and lack any form of intelligence, quality, story, craftsmanship, or consistency. The jokes stand out a lot more and are looked at in a much higher regard if the world they're presented in is legitimately well constructed, has a strong atmosphere, and is engaging. If the atmosphere is too cheap and the story doesn't suck you in, it may work for a sketch/short film but it won't work for a full length movie.

I think a new Scary Movie could revive the spoof genre if it was done the right way and there was enough effort put into it. Make it an event. Bring back Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell, Regina Hall as Brenda Meeks, and maybe even Shawn and Marlon Wayans as Ray and Shorty. R-rated comedies are more popular nowadays than PG-13, so switch back to the more mature humor, but keep the wit intact.

IMPORTANT: The purpose of this video and all of my videos is to conceptualize and demonstrate what certain movie ideas/concepts may look like...for fun. I compile brief clips from existing productions to create a visual that serves a specific, unique idea. I'm not claiming that all of the clips within each trailer are mine, but the specific vision, direction, concept, and execution are creatively my own. Please message me if you have any concerns about the footage.

**This video was made purely for fun.
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