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U.S. Army Historical Report film 'American Ninth Army: Aachen To The Roer River' 1946.

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U.S. Army Historical Report film # HR-B-29, American Ninth Army: Aachen To The Roer River, 1946.
"Reel 1 shows rubbled houses, rail centers, and electric plants in Aachen, Ger. Allied Military Government agents distribute food and supervise crews clearing debris. Refugees return to the city; 3rd Armored Div. troops eat a hot meal on its outskirts. Engrs. build roads through the Hurtgen Forest. 28th Div. troops, with mortar and machine gun support, advance (Nov. 28,1944) through a wooded area as a three-pronged assault is begun. Inf. columns move to the front. Ger. POW's file into an assembly area and are evacuated by, truck. Artillery and antitank guns are, emplaced for defense. Underground emplacements are built as snow falls.
Reel 2 shows a supply depot at Liege, Belg. Communication lines are expanded. U.,S. Army Engrs. supervise steel manufacture and sawmill operation in Luxemburg, repair a bridge over the Meuse, and bury tank traps in the Siegfried Line. Trucks are repaired and munitions hauled to the front. The 9th A.A.F. bombs Duren Armor and supply vehicles of the 104th Inf. Div. move up, inf. advance through the forest, casualties are evacuated from a demolished command post near Stolberg, and the town's civilians receive first aid.
Reel 3, 9th A. A. F. planes strafe Ger. positions near the town. The 104th Div. - enters Eschweiler and smaller villages; mined buildings are detonated as tanks move through the towns. Roadblocks are cleared and a bridge thrown over a stream and crossed by units of the 104th Inf. and 3rd Armored Divs. Tanks of the 3rd Div. fire a rocket barrage and followed by inf., move across open fields and into a town.
Reel 4, trucks arrive in a rubbled village with food and munitions. 4th Inf. Diva troops crawl up a hill in the Hurtgen Forest; armor comes to their aid; casualties are treated. Kleinhau is bombarded with rockets and artillery, and entered by units of the 5th and 8th Inf. Divs. The 8th then advances into Hurtgen and other villages. Units of the 9th Div. are moved up by truck, meetretiring units of the 1st Div. at a road intersection, enter a village after an artillery barrage, and interrogate civilians. Armor and supply vehicles move through mud toward the Roer and into a village; Ger. troops and female collaborators are rounded up."
National Archives Identifier: 25056

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